Seven Ghosts (07 Ghost)

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This story of a boy (named Teito klein) who was born to carry out the mission, a mission to uncover a secret of Pandora's box, an orphan who becomes a slave to the military academy students. However, an unexpected turn of events left pursued by the forces of Barsburg Empire, due to its exceptional ability to use a form of magic called Zaiphon. Now a prisoner escapes, Teito is protected by the church in the neighborhood of the District 7 7.Because law of the sanctuary, provided Teito remains in the church, the army can not stop it. Here, he discovered many mysteries that surround the church and the empire itself. That may be related to a king dethroned and the mystical stone of God, "Mikhael's eye" made him the target of the empire, more than ever.

Teito klein discovery of his true nature and his quest for revenge involve him more in the questions themselves gods when he is at the center of the conflict between verloren God, death, and the mysterious "beings of light" sent by Heaven to oppose him: Seven Ghosts (07 Ghost). After completing a test, the Teito Frau Bishop's assistant, and the rest of the Empire is after him. Now he is on the run.

seven 07 ghost wallpaper
seven ghosts Pictures
seven 07 ghost wallpaper
07 ghost wallpaper

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