Naruto Full Control Kyubi Power

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It would make Naruto more badass! This maybe a big chance for Naruto learning how to control it with Killer Bee's help. I missed his Kyuubi Cloak, he was badass using if it weren't for that stupid Yamato. I mean telling him not to use it anymore, is not right. I mean Kyuubi is part of Naruto's power and Minato and Jiraiya wanted him to control it! Plus with Sage and the Kyuubi Cloak this will counter Sasuke's Sasunno.
naruto new seal full control kyubi power wallpaper
I'll be honest... I can't see Naruto ever learning to control Kyuubi. I think the only reason Kyuubi and Naruto will work together later on is because of two reasons...

1. Kyuubi hates Madara and would do anything to kill him;
2. Kyuubi doesn't want to be absorbed by Juubi and die;

That'll be enough for Kyuubi to simply say "For once, we fight together

Naruto New Power
In the end Naruto is able to control the power of nine tail fox (kyubi nine tail) with a new seal. naruto in the manufacture of a new seal in auxiliary enumerated by both parents. Naruto father and mother before he died sealing the part power in tubh naruto, because they knew that one day naruto will need it. With the success of Naruto create a new seal fatherly kyubi nine tails, naruto forces become much more intense than ever, even Naruto able mengusai quick movement (a technique which is owned by his father) the "yellow flash".

naruto new seal full control kyubi power wallpaper
New Seal Naruto

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